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Move, Power & Control things with your Mind

Real World Neurofeedback to make Brain Training feel like a Superpower

Plug and Play Neurofeedback

Mind Control

Connect existing devices or create your own MyndHacks 

Train your focus and meditation skills as you want 

True Telekenesis technology for Generation Jedi

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Simple and Seriously Powerful

The MyndPlay MyndHub connects to the MyndBand EEG Headset and enables a user to connect any USB gadget, electrical, mechanical or connected home device and make it react in real-time to their mental focus and calm; with adjustable difficulty levels and tactile switch settings; users at any skill level can make the MyndHub turn things on and off, power devices, motor forward/reverse, control lighting or even converts existing USB or electrical devices to be mind controlled without any coding or software skills needed.

The MyndHub can switch the light off when you lose focus to notify you when you need a break; it can help you meditate by using your connected home or Alexa as your feedback loop so you can track your level of meditation in real-time; or users can create and have fun with their brains by making things move, fly, spin and react to the power of the brain as a real world super power – true telekinesis technology for the home and real-world.


Mynd Power and More

Brain Training

MyndHub is the most fun and engaging way to develop your mental wellbeing. Train your calm and focus by participating in Jedi like training - Controlling, powering or moving objects. 

Brain Fitness

Playing with your mind for just a few minutes a day can help you develop control over your mental focus and ability to stay calm under pressure.

Brain Monitoring

MyndHub gives you ultimate attention and meditation feedback loop and can provide real-time alerts when getting distracted, mentally burning out or losing your calm.

MyndHacks made with MyndHub

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MyndHub Videos

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